Thank you for the surprise delivery of flowers from Marks & Spencer - the roses were magnificent andI was able to use some of them in arrangements for Haringey’s Registry Office

Thank youRita for the wonderful donation of ribbons and wrapping paper. I was delighted to receive her donation.

In honour of Chinese New Year my delivery to Friend in Need, East Barnet was in a red bowl.

I left a bunch of flowers early one frosty Sunday morning outside Spurs new stadium - they were gone within 30 minutes!

Every Thursday (regardless of whether I’m working with young offenders) I drop flowers at Priscilla Wakefield House and this week I was fortunate to have the most beautiful pink flowers from Marks & Spencer - thank you.

As part of the crowdfund campaignI started ‘flower bombing’. Flower bombing is when you leave a bunch of flowers in random locations.

Starting to get more adventurous with my placements

On Sunday 20 January I was asked by Lady Sarah Cohen House to provide floral displays for their art exhibition. I had in my mind the idea of using artists’ palettes but it wasn’t until I spoke with my fabously talented neighbour and sculptor Paula that my idea became a reality. She was able to create stands and mount the boards - the rest was down time to paint. I love them.

Tonight at the London Jewish Family Centre in Gilders Green I created 12 table arrangements using the wasted flowers. I was delighted with how they turned out.