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A Year On From Flower Bombing

To misquote the famous song by Dinah Washington, “What a difference a year makes”. This time last year I was crowdfunding to raise the money for The Flower Bank Hub. I’ve met a number of strangers recently who asked me if I was the lady who left bunches of flowers on benches - it got me thinking that this random act would help bring some cheer during this period of political upheaval - so expect to see posts again. It’s always wonderful to get feedback from people and this week Lilian’s daughter told me that she’d felt very proud of her mum when she saw the flower arrangement she’d created. Today I’ve got a workshop for young adults 11 - 14 in partnership with Nomadic Youth it’s an experiment for everyone involved particularly as work is still afoot inside. the shop. Next week Antonio and the gang are going to complete the garden, let’s hope the weather stays dry. Many of you have asked when the official launch will be and it’s going to be in December when I look forward to welcoming you to The Flower Bank and thanking you personally for your support and bearing with me.

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