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International Women's Day

Tuesday, March 8th, was International Women’s Day, and we were swamped serving customers all day from Romania, Poland, Russia and Italy. Quite serendipitously, we’d collected a bumper amount of Mimosa from M&S that morning - Mimosa is what Italian men traditionally give to women on International Women’s Day. In the afternoon, my daughter and I delivered bunches of daffodils to 2 women’s refuges in Islington and Haringey. Daffodils are just so optimistic and, above all else, bring a smile to people’s faces. Talking of smiling, I heard from Direct Business Solutions that they’re still chasing their money on Monday, but my resolve has grown stronger. I heard from Theresa Villiers this week too. She’s written to the Secretary of State for Small Business and Ofgem, brilliant. Watch this space. Have a great week. Ursula

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