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Join us for The National Flower Find

Last week’s BBC interview got me thinking that wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do a nationwide flowerbomb or “flower find”, as some others are calling it, for World Mental Health Day. The idea is this

Saturday 10-10-20 you leave a bunch of flowers with a similar label as the one in the attached photograph for someone to find. I normally post a photo on my social media platforms to let people know where I’ve left it. If you want to be involved and have a go then you can see more on my Instagram page @the_flowerbank. So far all the Barnet’s are covered (that’s Chipping, East, Friern, High &. New) plus Eastbourne, Finchley (North & Central) Marmaris, Perth, Pontefract, Swansea and Whetstone will all be taking part. My sessions next week with Jewish Care and Barnet’s Health & Well-being Hub will be about making bunches of flowers for this event so they too can be involved. The weather was grim yesterday but I spent a wonderful afternoon at Lordship Rec Hub creating Kokedamas - it was lovely to catch up with everyone and the wife of one of my regular attendees told me that he’d said “It would be unbearable if Corona cancelled the Christmas Wreath workshop” he was greatly re-assured when I told him it was still going ahead. Have a great week. Ursula

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