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Speaking Up

February 2019

I’m not great at public speaking, never properly prepare myself and worst of all start doubting what I’m saying mid speech - so the past 2 days have been rather testing. On Thursday night amidst oceans of Arsenal fans I spoke to a new cohort of potential crowdfunders at a venue moments away from the Emirates Stadium. I spoke about my crowdfunding experience and got to meet organisations and individuals doing amazing things in the community. Yesterday banishing thoughts of the comedy W1A from my mind it was with some trepidation that I arrived at Broadcasting House. I had been invited to answer questions from local radio stations as far a field as Glasgow and Jersey on The Flower Bank in the morning and to appear with BBC London’s Jo Good in the afternoon. With hindsight I can’t really believe I did it oh and I managed to leave a flower bomb which had disappeared within 5 minutes!

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