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Zero Waste Market in Barnet

I’ve been painting all week (dodging the horrendous showers of course) as we’ve had some planters built in our back garden - we’ve got more building work happening on Wednesday, courtesy of Men Sheds. If you haven’t heard of Men Sheds they’re a National organisation for men who meet to share their various passions. Our local branch is Muswell Hill but handily Mark who’ll be doing the work lives in New Barnet and loves gardening and wood turning in equal measure! This week I made my first wreath for a couple of months and it heralded the start of other floral enquiries which is fantastic. I’ve been asked to run a zoom Rosh Hashanah workshop for residents at Lady Sarah Cohen House in September which will be a first -I can’t wait to see Lilian, Marion & Paul, my students I’ve really missed their company. I’ve been thinking for some time that Barnet is missing a zero waste market, Bounds Green in Haringey is our nearest. So this week I’ve teamed up with The Wilds, Kronos and Rea and Edible London and on Saturday 26 September we’re holding our first market in and outside The Wilds in New Barnet so please put it in your diary. Yesterday I received notification that I’d been nominated for a Barnet civic award, although I didn’t win I was thrilled to be nominated it really is a great honour and totally unexpected. Have a great week. Ursula

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