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Flower Bombing

It began as an awareness exercise for our Spacehive crowdfunding campaign - leaving bunches of flowers in and around Barnet, Haringey and Central London for people to take home and enjoy. We then posted a photo of the mystery location on Twitter, Instagram, Next Door and Facebook.  The hope was that whoever found the flowers would photograph themselves and post it on Instagram at #thanksabunch or #banktheflower, and you did. The response was amazing, we had so much fun we have decided to continue doing this. Flower Bombing coming to a street, bench, wall, statue near you anytime soon.........

Here is Kamilah's story

A flower bomb was left on the benches outside BBC Broadcasting House. I discovered who’d found it through social media, meet Kamilah as seen in the photograph. The following is extracted from her Instagram post “On Friday I had a meeting with my manager who told me I hadn’t got a job I’d gone for in my department. After the meeting I went outside to get some air/have a little cry on a bench opposite my workplace. Whilst sitting on the bench I looked to my right and saw these gorgeous flowers with a note attached saying “Please take these flowers they’re free and a gift from The Flower Bank. In the end I did have a cry but they were happy tears - thank you so much @banktheflower for turning my sad day into a happy one.” I was really happy to get this message and to think that The Flower Bank has brought some joy into Kamilah’s day.

flower bomb 10.jpg
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