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Today is market no 3, and it’s going to be a scorcher. I can’t believe how quickly the month has passed, and I’m looking forward to catching up with our stallholders and volunteers, who are all wonderful. We welcome a new stall at this market, “Grow from Totteridge Academy”, which crowdfunded in the round after me and are a learning and community farm based at Totteridge Academy in Barnet (quite near The Flower Bank). They’re going to be selling their farm-fresh produce. Comic Relief didn’t come this week as their photographer was self-isolating, so they’re rescheduled for a week on Wednesday. Talking of self-isolation, please spare a thought for my younger daughter and her Year 8 bubble. After self-isolating for 10 days earlier in the month, she was in school for just one day to be told self isolate again for 10 days. This meant no traditional end of term larks, and happily for her No Sports Day, She’d been chosen to do the relay, which she swore blind she was ok with, but I think self-isolation was preferable. Still, the rules change tomorrow, which should make everything so much clearer!!! Next Saturday, we’re preparing flowers for our first wedding, and on Friday, I’m supposed to be collecting flowers from a corporate event at Nobu in Mayfair. I received a phone call from a Leeds event-based company

pitching for an event in London in September and wanted to name The Flower Bank in their section on Sustainability - the world of events is really opening up. I spoke to Tivoli a few weeks ago - Tivoli is the company that, until March 2020, supplied board rooms, receptions and restaurants at Canary Wharf with weekly blooms. They told me that they’re expecting to start supplying flowers to them from September. Anyway, I’m off to cut some hydrangea heads and if I don’t see you later, have a great week. Ursula

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