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Early Starts and Beautiful Flowers

Yesterday at 5.00 am, I drove into town to collect flowers from a fundraiser at Old Billingsgate near Tower Bridge. Billingsgate proper, at 5.00 am when I went past, was brimming with customers and such a contrast to the empty North Circular I’d been driving on for the past 30 minutes. Tickets to the fundraising event at Old Billingsgate had been £5,000 each, and by the time I arrived, all traces of the previous night had been removed. The venue was a hive of activity full of people dismantling scaffolding, fetching and carrying. It’s incredible how Jo, the florist keeps so calm when she’s given such a tiny window in which to dismantle everything. The flowers I collected are gorgeous and will be used in funeral tributes and an arrangement for Ark Secondary School’s reception. The bouquets that I made yesterday for customers were genuinely glorious. Monday is the start of British Flowers Week, and I challenged Gail from St Mary’s Church in East Barnet to create a gorgeous design using the flowers and bless her; she didn’t fail me. Have a great week. Ursula

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