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A Busy Week

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

I love this time of year, and it’s full of optimism and new beginnings. Tomorrow the kids return to school and a routine after a disrupted end of the last term; I re-start my weekly flower classes at Lady Sarah Cohen House; it’s Tottenham’s Flower & Produce Show at Lordship Rec next Saturday 11 September, the same weekend as Barnet’s Medieval Festival - tickets for which are on sale at the shop. I spent yesterday making a medieval sword to advertise the event and realised The Flower Bank’s colours are definitely in the camp of St Michael as everything used in its manufacture was repurposed from Marks & Spencer. Finally, in 2 weeks on Sunday 19 September, our markets start again. In the last few weeks, I’ve been contacted by several companies asking me to collect flowers from their events, so tomorrow finds me collecting plants from the Garden Museum at midnight and 170 table settings from Battersea Power Station at the crack; of dawn on Friday! Last Thursday, I and 4 wonderful volunteers (see Dan Dan in the picture) helped make the buttonholes and bouquets for a wedding. Their enthusiasm always blows me away as it’s in sharp contrast to the young offender who visited the next day. Eventually, with much cajoling, he helped create an apple from red carnations for our Rosh Hashanah window display; next week, he’s going to help me sort out our back garden, which will be interesting as he’s already told me he hates soil! Shana Tova to those of you who celebrate and have a great week. Ursula

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