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A Date for Your Diary

Thank you to Janine & Dassa who spent yesterday afternoon cutting out letters and staging our shop window in anticipation of unrestricted trading tomorrow 12 April - we’re raring to go. Thank you too Julie, seen in the photo who not only freely gives her valuable time and wisdom to the shop but as of last night’s AGM is now one of our Trustees. The fine bone China mug that she’s holding I’d received earlier that day from a potter who after reading about our flower bombing wanted to reach out to me - it was a lovely surprise. So next Saturday 17th April we’re holding a welcome back craft fair with plans in the pipeline for a proper fair including local artisan and craft businesses on Sunday 23 May then hopefully the 3rd Sunday of every month after that - please do pop in next weekend if you’re able. Also present next Saturday will be Heather, our artist in residence and next door but 3 neighbour. She and her family are loyal customers of The Flower Bank and she asked if she could start catching some of our energy artistically I was completely bowled over and can’t wait to see what she produces. Have a great week.

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