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A tale of woe.

Radio 4’s Money Box ran a feature on The Flower Bank yesterday about my dispute over a breach of contract with a third party utility broker. Basically in April 2020 I signed a new contract with an energy provider whilst still under contract with another provider. The original energy provider put a halt to this transfer and the new energy provider said that I’ve breached my contract with them and owe them £2,300 which I’ve been fighting ever since. It turns out that it’s a pretty grey area but the shock for me has been that (a) a tiny micro business like The Flower Bank is treated exactly the same way as a multinational company like Tesco and (b) there is no cooling off period when you’re a business. One great thing is that the dispute lawyer from the programme has given me her number to help me out of this Kafkaesque nightmare. You can hear the Money Box item on BBC sounds should you be interested, one school friend heard it and has been in touch. Have a great week. Ursula

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