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Adapting to A New Life

It’s surprising how quickly I’ve adapted to a life without routine however I think my younger daughter might say that she’s been having too many unnecessary French lessons! On Friday I did my first virtual flower arranging class to 9 women scattered around Barnet, it wasn’t a disaster and despite our language barriers at the end of 45 minutes we’d all produced a respectable design but I’m not sure what we’ll be doing in a fortnight’s time. Earlier in the week I’d challenged a few friends to re-create a famous flowery painting using household materials and post it to Instagram you can see mine Sunflowers by Van Gogh in the photograph. I’ve had some tremendous replies from Katie, Naomi and Christine which were all beautiful and so different. I’m spending too much time on social media either posting or reading and I really recommend Shane Connolly who’s currently got a call to arms to help the British flower growers during this crisis and The Florist Magazine whose editor Caroline Marshall Foster is funny and writes so brilliantly. Have a lovely week and stay safe and as they say in France bon courage.

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