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I’ve forced anyone and everyone to create football themed arrangements this week from young offenders to the elderly. I’ve been obsessed by all things England FC and was thrilled to meet a like-minded bar mitzvah mother who told me that a football-themed table arrangement was just what her son needed for his bar mitzvah yesterday. Their event originally planned for a synagogue had at the last minute, owing to her son’s entire school year being in isolation, been changed to their living room and zoom. This is by no means an isolated case (no pun intended) the cases of COVID in secondary schools has rocketed in the past few weeks and the table centrepieces that I made for a bar mitzvah last night very nearly didn’t make it either. Fortunately, the bar mitzvah person’s self-isolation ended 1 hour before the scheduled start of their already twice postponed reception! On Wednesday Comic Relief are coming to film a typical day in the life of The Flower Bank for their Instagram account and next Sunday will be our third market. By the way, thank you, everyone, for your jam jar donations they’re really appreciated. Have a great week. Ursula

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