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And So, It Begins!


uilding work finally began on creating The Flower Bank Hub. Antonio, the builder is wonderful and understands my vision - which has been reinforced by the stream of endless interested customers popping in to see what’s going on and offering help. Even Antonio’s grandson who’s working on site has caught the Flower Bank bug. Last week he took a bouquet home to a neighbour on his Tottenham estate who was overwhelmed by his kind gesture. On Tuesday we found a floor safe and you would have thought we’d won the lottery - the safe remains unopened but after much rattling we know it’s empty. Despite the building work, which is supposed to take between 4 - 6 weeks and the school holidays I’m still managing to run my activities and deliver flower arrangements. Enormous thanks to my daughters Mathilda and Ella who have fast become excellent tea makers and developed a wonderful threshold of tolerance to chaos. Next week we’ll be installing windows, building floors and carrying on work as normal. If anyone wants to come and have a look we’ll be happy to show you round. Have a great week.

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