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Carbon Neutral

The week’s exciting week started with a late-night pick up from The Garden Museum on Monday night. The scene at midnight was a hive of activity with caterers and stage managers dismantling Google’s reception at speed. I left with a boot full of gorgeous plants and headed back to North London, taking in the wonderful sights London has to offer. On Thursday, there was an event at London’s first carbon-neutral office block at 22 Bishopsgate. The foliage from the event was sent by electric van to its consolidation centre in Borehamwood. The use of this consolidation centre has led to an estimated reduction of vehicle trips to 22 Bishopsgate from 1,300 to 50 per week. Yesterday was Tottenham’s annual flower and produce show, and I ran a children’s workshop - the weather was great, and it was wonderful to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen for 2 years. To top off my wonderful week, I caught up with Vanessa (see photo), who I met years ago when I was an Events Organiser for Haringey Council. She’s become a Paralympic shot putter who’s ranked 3rd in the world and who’s just competed in Tokyo. This week I’m back to running face to face workshops for Age UK and Chinese Mental Health Association, and there’s no fear that I’ll be running short of foliage any time soon. Next Sunday, 19 September, is our 4th zero-waste market, and if you’re able to come down and join us, that would be tremendous. The market runs from 12 - 4. Have a great week. Ursula

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