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Chef Vee Is In The House

I was in central London at 6.30 on Friday morning en route to the Sheraton Mayfair. I really enjoy driving in town as I love being a sightseer, and this time I glimpsed the slope thingy at Marble Arch. The flowers were later transformed into flowers and decorations for a fairy wonderland themed 1st birthday party. It’s hard to believe, but today we’re hosting our 5th zero-waste market. As well as our much loved usual stalls at this market, we’ve got Chef Vee, who cooks with food surplus from food banks. He will be serving up pheasant biryani, vegetarian biryani, bhajis, samosas and lovely spicy chutneys. Also present will be North London Waste Authority, handing out freebies and talking about their recycling initiatives. If you’re able to come down, we’d love to see you. A big thank you to Judith and her car for helping us move all the marquees from Barnet College to the shop. Thank you to Bob Burstow, for without his help and kindness, there would be no market. Have a great week. Ursula

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