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Chinese New Year and Valentines Day

On Friday morning in my class we celebrated Chinese New Year, it is the Year of the Ox so my students and I tried to create an ox using flowers, natural materials and household items. Pauline as you can see used mushrooms for ears, buttons for eyes and dates for nostrils and was one of my favourites. I had a new young person start with me on Friday afternoon - he’s chosen not to mix with his former acquaintances and has burrowed himself away at home but he’s going stir crazy and was delighted to volunteer with me for a couple of hours. He’s tremendous and even swept the floor unasked. This week the temperature inside the Flower Bank’s refrigerator has been warmer than outside at a positively balmy 10 degrees and I’ve had a number of freezing early morning visits to the wholesalers at Crews Hill. I saw over the course of the week the price of red roses steadily rise the nearer we came to Valentine’s Day and yesterday one red rose stem was £5.00 - Valentine’s Day in a pandemic and post Brexit was going to be expensive. In reality desperate men visited the shop yesterday in search of red roses undeterred by their price and I directed them all towards the supermarket (including the husband looking for flowers for his mistress!). I wonder how many red roses I’ll be picking up next week? Happy Valentine’s Day. Ursula

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