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Coats, coats, coats.

Amongst other things this week we were focussed on making decorations for the opening of High Barnet’s first dog café, Nika. Whenever there was a spare moment we transformed dog chews into photograph frames for the walls of the café and I spent much of the week channelling Barbara Woodhouse circa 1980. Following the Money Box radio show last week I’ve not heard a peep from Direct Business Solutions which is a relief and I’m hoping it will stay that way. Coats for Colindale Food Bank are still finding their way to me and I calculate we’ve collected over 320 coats which is a massive achievement - so thank you to everyone who’s donated. I re-start my flower classes this week with Age UK and Jewish Care - I’m particularly looking forward to seeing my old friends Marion and Lilian at Jewish Care, they’re both in their 90’s, wheelchair bound with a wonderful thirst for knowledge and are a total inspiration. There is a glorious Mimosa tree at their home in Colney Hatch Lane which should be in full bloom by now it’s Lilian’s favourite flower and I’m looking forward to using it as my task at the Jewish Care sessions is to bring the outside in.

At the start of the week our window was decorated for Chinese New Year and now we’re in the run up to Valentine’s Day. I’m very lucky to have Mary as a volunteer who with 40 years floristry experience has a sundry and accessory for every occasion. Best of all she loves visual merchandising and every time she comes it’s like a magician from the Magic Circle de-mystifying their tricks! I was contacted last night by someone who has a funeral to attend on Tuesday morning but the flowers need to be with the undertaker early on Monday afternoon so Chieko, another volunteer, has kindly offered to come in this afternoon to help me get them ready and a young offender will help finish them tomorrow morning. Unfortunately my biggest problem is that the Crews Hill wholesalers are closed today so I’m having to travel to Waltham Cross. Have a great week. Ursula

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