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Jubilee Whirlwind

As well as it being the Jubilee this weekend it’s also the Jewish festival of Shavuot which commemorates Moses receiving the 10 commandments at Mount Sinai. This festival is all about flowers so earlier in the week I ran 2 activities with girls and women from the ultra orthodox Jewish community in Golders Green. As luck would have it on Wednesday I’d received a desperate phone call from the PA to a CEO of an oil company in Mayfair to please come and collect some boxes of stunning Pulbrook & Gould flowers. “Our CEO’s wife has just had a baby boy” she explained and the family had been inundated with flowers which she felt sure constituted some sort of a health and safety risk! So those flowers were turned into floral crowns by 20 eager girls on Thursday afternoon. Yesterday I had the unique privilege of collecting ex RHS Chelsea display plants from a field at the National Trust’s Morden Hall in South London and way out of my comfort zone. The drive through London’s bunting draped streets to collect the plants was wonderful as were the 50 plants I was allowed to choose. I’m off to prepare a Jubilee trifle for Leicester Road’s street party this afternoon and hope you’ve all had a great break. Have a great week. Ursula

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