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Flower Bombing

The photograph is of Ace, who’s taking part in today’s mental health flower bomb. By day he’s a radio DJ and motivational speaker, and in his spare time, he runs a charity called Talk Support. I met him a few weeks ago when he kindly delivered flowers from his friend’s funeral, and I suggested that we put a Talk Support card in with our flower bombs. Early next Friday morning, I’ll be driving to the Sheraton in Mayfair to collect the flowers from a PWC dinner held the previous night. Fingers crossed, I’ll be able to get 25 table arrangements and 15 bottle arrangements in the back of the car! I received a phone call from SEUK (Social Enterprise UK), the organisation that looks after social enterprises in the UK, on Thursday, and they want The Flower Bank to prepare 40 table arrangements for their Christmas awards ceremony at the Guildhall. “Forty”, I gulped. “Yes, please,” said Fiona, and we can ask our corporate partners to donate their flowers and foliage from their Christmas dinners, so hopefully, it shouldn’t be too difficult - I love a challenge, so we happily agreed. If you’re able to join in today’s flower bomb, that would be wonderful. I’ll be at The Flower Bank shop between 10.00 and 12.30 if you’d like to collect a bunch of flowers. Have a great week. Ursula

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