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Flower Bombing Cheer

Happy New Year, and I hope you’re keeping well. On New Year’s Day, I felt

rather maudlin, not sure how The Flower Bank could continue to operate under the current Tier 4 conditions - all the markets that we attend have been canceled for January florists are not deemed essential. Two messages then jolted me from my melancholia. The first from Lady Sarah Cohen House was to confirm a new zoom class for their residents, and the second was from a panicked daughter in need of an emergency bouquet to be delivered for her mother’s birthday the next morning. I had no flowers, but fear, not M&S Brent Cross did not disappoint as they had 6 groaning trolley loads waiting for me! Once I’d delivered the bouquet, there were lots of flowers left, so yesterday I did some New Year flower bombing, and today I’m making a few bouquets for people recovering from Covid. I’ve more flowers to collect from M&S this morning. The flowers are Spring flowers such as tulips and narcissus, which fill me with such positivity. I’ll be working from the shop, so if you need any flowers, you can drop by, phone, text, or message but have you ever considered a flower subscription? For just £10 you can get a fresh bunch of flowers delivered to your door, and you can decide on the frequency of deliveries, most of our customers get between 1 - 2 weeks life from our flowers. We make our deliveries on Thursdays, which include customers in Wood Green and Muswell Hill. During these tough times, we’d appreciate any support or recommendations that you might be able to give us, have a great week.

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