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From Canary Wharf Board Room to a Golders Green synagogue

I really love the fact that on a Wednesday afternoon I collect wasted flowers from Tivoli’s lock up in Chingford and by Friday I’ve re-purposed them for a small synagogue in Golders Green. For those who don’t know it’s the Jewish festival of Shavuot this weekend and flowers play a major part in its celebration so I’ve been really busy this week collecting wasted flowers and plants from supermarkets which has allowed them to make space for incoming bouquets. On Thursday I met quite by chance a marvellous green fingered neighbour Carol who’s recovering from brain surgery. She’s kindly offered her time to tend to all our plants and flowers - and what’s even more fantastic is that she lives doors away from the hub. Talking of the hub the architect’s plans have been submitted to the builder and we’re waiting for his costings so hopefully building work can begin shortly. Tomorrow morning at 5.00 am I’ll be collecting flowers from a dinner at Old Billingsgate near Tower Hill - by midday they’ll be used at a health and well being workshop at Lordship Rec Hub in Tottenham so if you’re in the area please come down. Have a wonderful weekend.

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