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Here, Now and Into the Future

Every week Lemar and Melissa, Monday and Tuesday mornings respectively, volunteer in the shop for 2 hours. These 2-hour sessions have so far been anything from making macrame hanging baskets to turning plastic bottles into Halloween flowers or decorating the shop window (see picture). Lemar says the sessions are “calm” which is a massive improvement on the first week’s session - this Monday he’s going to have a go at his first bunch of flowers. The sessions the kids attend are educational and fun and last week in partnership with The Southover School we took the first steps towards becoming registered as an AQA assessment centre. On Friday I was visited by Barnet Council’s Communications Team they’d come to photograph me and the shop as part of their Christmas campaign to support local shops in New Barnet, expect to see me on the back of buses in the run-up to Christmas!! It was then that I realised that Christmas and our first anniversary at Leicester Road will soon be here. We need to mark it and also small business Saturday which is 5 December but it’s going to be even trickier given the current restrictions. If you have any ideas please get in touch. Take care and have a great week.

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