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It's a blur...

Last week was all a bit of a blur which involved plenty of trips to the wholesalers in Crews Hill for supplies of moss and pine branches for wreath workshops with Age UK and Barnet’s Health & Well-being Hub. I’m indebted to a wonderful bunch of florists (pun intended) thank you Naomi, Katie & Mary. On Tuesday night I collected wonderful foliage and berries from a Google event at The Garden Museum - the route to it included a spectacular drive over Waterloo Bridge at midnight. In a complete first I hired a van to transport 40 table centrepieces to The Guildhall for Social Enterprise UK׳s awards dinner the following day. The event brought together lots of social enterprises the foliage for our table settings was supplied by The Skill Mill and the event was catered by The Clink. The Clink aids prisoner rehabilitation and reduces re-offending in its training restaurants at HMP High Down, Brixton, Styal and Cardiff. In the picture you see me mid arrangement with Chris Bentil who kindly took the day off work to be my co driver and general dogsbody. Meanwhile events are being cancelled everywhere from office parties to weddings, I met the Landlord of The Londesburgh pub in Stoke Newington yesterday who’s just had all his office parties cancelled.

This week has featured a number of firsts: we made sustainable Christmas wreaths on a frame of Dogwood twigs, all the foliage in the funeral wreath in this photograph came from a PWC dinner a few weeks ago, I paid a flying visit to the Lanesborough in Knightsbridge to collect flowers from a dinner they’d hosted, we’ve collected over 250 coats for Colindale Food Bank’s warm winter coat rack, all of this is astounding. As we limp towards the end of an uncertain year I would like to thank everyone for their support, encouragement and generosity. In this uncertain time it’s great to be surrounded by such great support - thank you. Keep safe. Ursula

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