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It's Go Go Go to The Finish Line

Last Sunday I hosted a shrine box workshop for 7 at The Flower Bank hub (see photograph). The participants soon realised they were guinea pigs as they were faced with a handle-less toilet door, countless ladders, paint tins, paintbrushes and a general state of un-readiness. This week is another week of firsts - today I’m dressing my first bar mitzvah, thanks in advance to Chris Bentil and Katie Musgrave for your support and help today, I’ll need it. On Wednesday I’m decorating the Arts Depot at North Finchley for the launch of Barnet’s cultural partnership and on Friday I’m starting a fortnightly floral activity at Barnet’s Well-being centre in Hendon between 11 and 1. Thanks also to Ollie the tree surgeon who has popped in this week with his gorgeous Jack Russell’s, 3 beautiful wooden shelves and a contorted willow branch which will look wonderful in the window. Antonio and his merry men are now working outside - I hope the weather forecast is correct as it’s supposed to be fine for the next couple of days.

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