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Japanese Leaf Bashing - Hapa Zome

Many thanks, Janine Young of Wild About our Woods for introducing me to the wonderful craft that is Hapa Zome (Japanese leaf bashing). I first saw this craft in action at Barnet’s Medieval Festival and remember being jaw-droppingly impressed. I’m running this as a children’s workshop all weekend for the Arts Depot at the wonderful Stephens House & Gardens in Finchley. The photograph is of Hussein who was the first child to have a go and both him and his mum were genuinely delighted and amazed when the shapes and colours appeared on the material. Thanks too to the kind anonymous donor of 3 jam jars that I found on my doorstep they were a wonderful surprise. On Tuesday Melissa & Tone from Southover School created some flower arrangements to show their support for England’s Football Team in their impending match against Germany, well it certainly did the trick. All this positivity has been overshadowed by the news on Monday of the death of my lovely friend and Flower Bank supporter Laura, it’s cruel, undeserved and extremely premature. Have a great week. Ursula

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