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Magic Mike Film Set

Late on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon, I received a phone call from Roz asking if I could handle surplus flowers from an event in I could have sworn she said Neasden. “Yes, please,” I said. “Great, I’ll drop them off at your shop in 40 minutes”. Forty minutes later, Roz turns up from Leavesden and the set of Magic Mike 3 with the most stunning selection of roses and foliage. Roz, it transpires, is the sustainability champion on the film set with the task that day of disposing of flowers and 300 cream cakes! It turns out that film sets are actively working on reducing their carbon footprint, and Roz was thrilled to think the flowers would be of use. So, all week I sent her photos of the flowers being put to different uses from classes with Age UK, Haringey’s mental health groups and finally, in funeral arrangements. Cut to Friday night when I find myself in the parking lot of Warner film studios at Leavesden to collect more flowers from Magic Mike. The parking lot, except for security staff, was deserted, much to my disappointment. This time it was huge white hydrangeas and lilies to collect. I mean, M&S flowers are amazing, but these flowers are amazing plus! A few more weeks of filming are left, so who knows what or where I’ll be next! Have a great week. Ursula

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