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Mother's Day is coming - We are Ready!

The glorious weather brought out the brides yesterday, and we’ve now got bookings throughout the year with two on the same weekend in May; it’s all such a contrast from last year. When I speak/grill the couples about their wedding flowers, sustainability is just as important as cost. The same goes for the funeral tributes I prepare - the families all say how much their relatives had hated to waste. Jam jars certainly are the flavour of the day for The Flower Bank brides, so huge thanks to the Shamash’s for their recent jam jar donations and the kind mystery person who leaves jam jars on my doorstep in a sustainable Milk Tray Man sort of way! I’m hosting a team-building afternoon this Wednesday for staff from Noah’s Ark Children’s hospice, and first thing on Thursday morning, I’m driving to The British Library to collect flowers from the Urban Land Institute’s dinner. Next Sunday is the annual floral madness that is Mother’s Day, and this year we’re making arrangements in jugs and baskets (see photograph), formerly M&S bulb planters. It’s Nowruz tonight, the Persian New Year, which coincides with the Spring equinox and customers told me that they have to lay the table with seven items beginning with the letter S. This decoration is called a Haft Seen and includes, amongst other things, a goldfish to symbolise life and centre stage of the Haft Seen are hyacinths or Sonbol. I wonder if M&S knows. Happy Nowruz and have a great week. Ursula

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