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Naked Gardening and Recycling

In case you missed it this week’s been National Gardening Week and yesterday was worldwide naked gardening day, congratulations to all who took part! To coincide with the week, Age UK Barnet launched their gardening competition and we’re supporting their “most creative recycled flower container category”, I’m expecting great things from domebuilder21. The closing date is 10 August so you’ve got plenty of time to create something and rest assured I’ll be reminding you a lot between now and then to enter.

My observation on our supermarket’s plastic free innovations continued this week when I saw that Asda have binned the plastic pots that their growing herbs were sold in. The herbs now just come in brown paper bags and are half the price! On Tuesday I received an email from Hongbin a Chinese Textile Design student who needed recycled flowers to dry, press, hammer and microwave into material for her project on decay. She was delighted to have found us and she left with armfuls of flowers.

On May 10 we hear from Barnet Council if there’ve been any objections to our proposed zero waste market for Sunday 23 May. It’s been difficult asking stallholders to be part of a new market provisionally - people don’t really like provisional but I’ve managed to get the commitment from a number of local traders such as Urban alchemy a micro brewery from New Barnet and the refill part of The Wilds cafe on top of local zero waste craft stalls. Please keep (provisionally) Sunday 23 May free. Have a great week. Ursula

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