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Our Second Market Day

Thank you to

Thank you to everyone that’s volunteers, visitors, stallholders, and musicians helped make our second Zero Waste market a success. Our next one will be on Sunday 18 July, and we hope to have a fruit and veg stall run by fellow Spacehive crowdfunders “Grow at Totteridge Academy”, which will be amazing. Talking of collaborations yesterday, we started selling our bouquets in High Barnet’s zero waste shop Kronos & Rhea, who sold out of them quickly. More next week! A recent plea garnered a great response, and I’ve now got volunteers helping me unload and condition the flowers at 9.30 am. They’re an enormous help and very enthusiastic. My plea now is for empty clear glass jam jars as we’ve got many summer weddings coming and not enough jam jars. So, please join our jam jar amnesty if you’re a Bonne Maman, Mrs Elswood or even a Lloyd Grossman pasta sauce fan (thanks to Wiater and the wider family). Next week after 16 months, I start my first face to face (I say face to face, but it’ll be heavily masked and temperature tested) session back at Lady Sarah Cohen House, and I can’t wait. Have a great week. Ursula


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