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Some Highlights in a Grim World

The world is incredibly grim at the moment but there have been wonderful moments this week - my birthday on Monday brought annual greetings from friends far and wide which was lovely. On Thursday afternoon I saw great generosity at Jewish Care’s residential home in Friern Barnet as they acted as a collection point for items for Ukraine. The synagogue there served as a temporary warehouse for donated duvets, blankets and other warm things and donors came all afternoon to drop off items to the mountain of goods. When I told Marion (see photograph) about the heartwarming kindness of strangers taking place on the ground floor she was visibly moved and delighted. At 96 there’s nothing she hasn’t seen - she said that the images of Ukrainians fleeing their country on trains broadcast from the rolling news on their television was reminiscent of footage from World War 2 and equally as terrible. For well over an hour I was able to distract Marion and the 3 other ladies in my group from the news as we all got hooked on kokedamas (thank you Naomi Elstow For introducing me to them) even the most cynical of the group said she wanted them on her table at mealtimes as they really cheered her up. On Saturday and still collecting vast amounts of daffodils from M&S I simply gave bunches away to customers and passers-by

as a way of cheering people up, it’s a tiny act during this hideous time. Next Tuesday it’s International Women’s Day and weeks ago at the wholesalers in Crews Hill I heard talk that the Russians were buying up a lot of the flowers at auction as it’s a big thing over there - there was definitely less stock when I visited on Thursday. Take care of yourselves. Ursula

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