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Something Will Turn Up

One of my favourite fictional characters is Dickens’, Mr. Micawber. The eternal optimist, Micawber’s trademark maxim was “something will turn up,” which is exactly how I feel about the next month’s national lockdown. Yes, it’s going to be dreadful, but the consequences of not closing aren’t worth contemplating. The lockdown in March taught us to adapt, so I’ll continue

all my zoom classes as normal. The attached photograph is Pauline’s creation from last Friday’s online Health & Wellbeing session. It amazes me just how far both myself and my students have blossomed in the past 6 months. After learning macrame in one of our classes, another lady from our group went on to create the most beautiful bookmarks and hanging baskets to give as gifts. I’m so proud of all my students. In terms of adapting from this Friday 6th,

we’ll take telephone orders and deliver. This Wednesday morning, I’m doing a podcast with Newcastle University’s “Women in Sustainability” group for an online conference they’re hosting in December, and that afternoon 2 friends Katie & Naomi, are taking over the shop, so please come to the shop and show them some love.

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