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Tales From The Flower Bank

On Thursday evening, after a week of endless wreath making, I drove into town - something I haven’t done since lockdown. I was collecting flowers from a Karen Millen/Coast bridesmaid shoot at Perseverance Works, Hackney. My first job on arrival in London was at The British Museum’s outstation in Hoxton. Artifacts from Captain Cook’s voyages to Australia and other items too large to house at the main Museum in WC1 were stored there. The area 30 years ago was in dire need of love, so I looked forward to my trip down memory lane. I discovered that Hoxton really had been gentrified, and I suddenly felt my age. I was really honored to collect buckets of gorgeous blooms in vibrant oranges and pinks and couldn’t believe my luck to spot burnt orange ranunculus and pink Nerini. I decided to photograph the journey of these gorgeous blooms and posted them to Instagram -Karen Millen will do a feature on us too, which is wonderful. Safely back at the shop, the flowers were then turned into 30 bunches of flowers for Chipping Barnet’s Foodbank clients to collect on Saturday morning. Julie and Wai’s hands made light work of the flowers, so thank you to them. The conversations and banter that we have during these bouquets-making sessions are wide-reaching, and I’m really keen to start a podcast, “Tales from The Flower Bank,” to catch these intimate moments. Anyway, I digress, the bouquets were dropped off with The Foodbank, and the feedback I’ve received so far is that they cheered everyone up. If anyone has a spare couple of hours one morning, I’m looking for help

picking up flowers from Brent Cross M&S. Have a great week, and thanks for your support.

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