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The Doors Are Open...

On Monday, we were allowed to open our doors once more, and it was wonderful to get back to some sort of normal. On Tuesday, I was contacted by the online greeting company Thortful who are expanding into online flower delivery. Lydia, Thortful’s Head of Flower Operations, was kind enough to personally deliver the flowers from their Valentine’s Day 2022 shoot - a beautiful selection of peaches and pinks, which I’ve loved using. It was all about colour on Wednesday as Barnet dignitaries marked the 550th anniversary of the Battle of Barnet. It was a victory that day for the House of York, and Thortful’s white antirrhinums came in very handy (see picture). I’m a proud Lancastrian, and talking of proud Lancastrians; it was lovely to receive the support of fellow Lancaster exile, Dominique, at our craft fair yesterday. Thanks also to the stallholders and visitors who came to support us, Brian, a Flower Bank Trustee and his daughter Leila and Julie and Anna, the Dream Team of Volunteers. Our artist in residence, Heather, was also present capturing the event on canvas, and I’ll share them with you at a later stage. Have a great week.

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