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Utility Gate!

The seasonal deluge of daffodils continued this week and I’ve donated them to luncheon clubs, the East Barnet Food Hub, the socially isolated and a Welsh harpist for her St David’s Day recital. The Spring weather and glut of flowers inspired Dan Dan, our volunteer from Central London to leave a flower bomb at Paddington Station! Mother’s Day isn’t too far away (Saturday 27 March) and I’m teaming up with East Barnet’s Food Hub to create a surplus Mother’s Day basket, everything is donated and the zero wastebasket includes chocolates, a plant and a jam jar of flowers (I’m struggling to think of a catchy and descriptive title). On Friday morning I met with a member of Theresa Villiers team at their offices in High Barnet to talk to them about “Utility gate” and to garner their support. I’m delighted to report that they felt my problem was something that they felt the Government might be willing to do something about as their current agenda amongst other things is about helping small businesses back on their feet post-Covid. They’re going to write to the Secretary of State for Business an out cooling-off periods, Social Enterprise UK and the School for Social Enterprise to highlight this issue. If anyone knows of a small organisation like myself that has had similar treatment in a contract please let me know as it would be great to report other Chipping Barnet constituents’ stories to our MP. Fingers crossed we achieve something and get a chance

I’m keeping the Radio 4 Money Box solicitor, Melissa updated too. Happy Birthday Jinny and have a great week. Ursula

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