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Valentine's and Digital Poverty

The Valentine’s Day frenzy is over for another year and there’s a brief calm before the Mother’s Day mayhem kicks off. This week I had a rare afternoon off. It wasn’t through choice, alas, as I was suffering the grim side effects from my COVID jab - I’m indebted to Julie & Anna for holding the fort so magnificently. However, I bounced back to my normal self the following day.

Wednesday was World Act of Random Kindness Day so I teamed up with East Barnet’s “Friend in Need” to deliver bunches of flowers and cheer to their elderly housebound clients. Co-incidentally Wednesday was also the day we took the first donation for Community Barnet’s “End Digital Poverty” campaign. We’re the official drop-off point for unwanted laptops and iPads which are refurbished and distributed to those in need in Barnet. It’s an ongoing campaign and I’m delighted to be involved in a tiny way as the number of families who live in digital poverty in Barnet is shocking. The response from members of the public has been amazing. If you have any old laptops/iPads then please bring them to us Monday to Friday 2 - 5.

Have a great week Ursula

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