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Vegetable Flower Vases

It was so nice to see my two Duke of Edinburgh volunteers on Monday bounce into the shop, cabin fever behind them, to decorate the window for British Flowers week. In fact so lovely was their window display that I caught a lady using it as a backdrop for a photo shoot with her child later in the week. On Friday in honour of British Flowers Week I made an arrangement in an unusual vegetable container with my zoom floristry group and Lem (see photograph) made hers in a cauliflower whilst others chose a yellow pepper and cabbage. Although we’re open most afternoons during the week people still think we’re only open Wednesday afternoons which is lovely as we have a lot of people visiting us that day. Our flower collections are starting to rally although Tivoli, the company that supplies organisations in Canary Wharf haven’t yet started back - it’s rumoured from mid July. Talking of mid July Tottenham Green market starts back on Sunday 12 July which we’re looking forward to. Our garden centre is overflowing with bedding plants and shrubs and seedlings at the moment and I’d love a volunteer to come for an afternoon a week to help with maintenance and labelling please get in touch if you’re able to help. Happy Father’s Day and have a great week.

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