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What an absolute honour!

It’s been a crazy old week starting on Monday with Valentine’s Day. We were inundated with daffodils and the lovesick and I couldn’t have coped or managed without Becky, Chieko, Charlotte, Dan Dan, Diane, Mary and Maya’s support. For the rest of the week I’ve been collecting surplus Valentine stock because who wants red roses on February 15th?

On Tuesday I had a phone call with Comic Relief because The Flower Bank is going to be used in their appeal message on Radio 4 in the run up to Red Nose Day. Last year I was fortunate to receive funding from Comic Relief to work with vulnerable young women from a Barnet secondary school. The story they’re telling is specifically about the help and support we gave to a socially anxious pupil from The Southover School and how our sessions impacted on her confidence and future. Throughout the disturbed academic year of 2020 - 2021 Melissa and her lovely teaching assistant Zoe came every week to help in the shop and it’s amazing how the script writers have condensed it all into 400 words. The script’s being read by Emma Freud and they’re recording next week. I’m so humbled, it’s such an honour and finally my kids are impressed!

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