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This week was all about preparing the flowers for the funeral of an avid Liverpool fan - thanks Julie, yet again, for your patience and tremendous floral ability. We were really worried that because of the heat the flowers wouldn’t last but fortunately they made it in one piece and thankfully it was the day after that our fridge broke down, it’s being repaired tomorrow morning. The flower supplies from the supermarket have dried up this week and when you visit the wholesalers their range is quite reduced too - I mean there are no tropical flowers and very little foliage. I believe it’s due to a reduction in the flowers being exported from Holland, everyone is hopeful that things will pick up soon. Fortunately we’re still picking up garden stock and I’m just about to head off to Morrisons at Borehamwood for a collection. You’ll be able to see what I picked up in our garden centre tomorrow afternoon so please pop in. Have a great week.

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