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A Heart Warming Tale

March 2019

Do you remember on Friday I left a flower bomb on benches outside BBC Broadcasting House? On Sunday afternoon I discovered who’d found it, meet Kamilah as seen in the photograph. The following is extracted from her Instagram post “On Friday I had a meeting with my manager who told me I hadn’t got a job I’d gone for in my department. After the meeting I went outside to get some air/have a little cry on a bench opposite my workplace. Whilst sitting on the bench I looked to my right and saw these gorgeous flowers with a note attached saying “Please take these flowers they’re free and a gift from The Flower Bank. In the end I did have a cry but they were happy tears - thank you so much @banktheflower for turning my sad day into a happy one.” I was really happy to get this message and to think that The Flower Bank has brought some joy into Kamilah’s day

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