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A Herby Connection With Clitterhouse

I really hope everyone is well. Yesterday, I took delivery of herbs from Clitterhouse Farm in Cricklewood a Spacehive project from the same cohort as The Flower Bank which was kind. In exchange I’ll give them our old plastic pots. I’m going to put the herbs to good use at the front of the shop where you’ll able to come along and help yourselves to cuttings once they’ve been planted. Clitterhouse Farm was also using folded newspaper as propagators for sunflower seeds which I thought was a great idea. In the photograph you’ll see my twist on the old sandwich filling classic, egg and cress, egg shells make very good seed propagators. I’ve got another virtual floristry class on Friday and I’m trying to find everyday household objects that can be re-used in floristry and indoor gardening - so if you’ve got any tips I’d love to hear from you. Take care. Ursula

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