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A New World

Happy Sunday although it could be any day of the week as every day is Groundhog Day, the expressions how are you and I hope you’re well are genuinely meant these days. The Flower Bank closed on Tuesday and the photograph is of the final order we created, a funeral wreath for a neighbour who died following a heart attack. It’s strange to be at home all the time and so far I’ve resisted the temptation to do a floristry class on Zoom - largely because I’ve abandoned make up and my roots need doing but I’m planning on running a faceless floristry class next week for people who won’t have any materials. I’ve been using this time to complete my accounts and a grant application or 2 and on that front I’m hopeful that The Flower Bank will receive a Covid 19 grant from the local authority we should hear about that on or about April 1st. I still go to the shop to water all the plants and it’s so uplifting to see their growth. I’ve re-connected with friends I haven’t spoken to for ages which is incredibly positive and I’ve completed far too many of those quizzes where you’re asked to identify films from emojis - oh and tomorrow my diet starts!! Take care.

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