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A Week of Firsts

On Thursday I delivered my first batch of confetti to Haringey’s Registry Office - it’s really kind of them to road test it for me. This afternoon I held my first workshop at the Hub - the participants were incredibly patient as they sat in mismatched chairs, ate with plastic cutlery in a bare room but no-one cared or really noticed in the end as the results were fantastic. Monday is quite an eventful day as I finally start work with Barnet Young Offenders receive the architect’s draft proposals for the Hub. On Friday I’m taking the builders round the space for the first time and hope that they’ll soon be able to start work.

I am still aiming for the Hub to be opened on Saturday and Sunday 4 and 5 May next weekend between 1.00 and 4.00 pm and if you’re able to come down it would be tremendous to have your support. Our Chelsea Fringe event takes place on Sunday 19 May and for those that want to take part I’ll be holding a meeting at the Hub on Wednesday 7 May at 7.30 pm - please let me know if you can come. I had an Instagram conversation with Lewis Miller this week who’s delighted that we’re going to be decorating bins - he cheekily asked if he could take part!! Have a great week.

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