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Affordable Funeral Flowers

Today, courtesy of my floral friend Anita (thank you) I created a coffin spray for the funeral of an inmate with no family at HMP Bovingdon. This is exactly why I created The Flower Bank to bring joy and beauty into the lives of those who can least afford it and give dignity to everyone. Promoting the concept of affordable funeral flowers is proving difficult to sell to Funeral Directors because they often have retained florists so if anyone knows somebody who would be willing to give us a chance - please send them in my direction. On Tuesday I’ve got a meeting with PriceWaterhouseCoopers - they’re coming to the shop to get a flavour of what we do and how best we can work together which is all fabulous. Last week I collected 6 crates of daffodils from a supermarket - there are 40 bunches in a crate and each bunch sells for £1 - there really was nothing wrong with them and recipients varied from Colindale Food Bank users to Stanmore’s WIZO group. Have a wonderful week I’m off to do some history homework with my youngest daughter.

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