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Bloomin Barnet Bins

Last weekend I held a pop up shop at the Community Hub and it was lovely to meet well wishers, pledgers, new neighbours and friends old and new - thank you for your support. I’m busy re-stocking and the Hub will be open once more on the Sunday and Monday of the bank holiday weekend at the end of May, 26 and 27 May. We’ll have coriander from the young offenders’ garden available - which was grown by them from seed and other herbs will be coming through the season. I had a wonderful meeting with our architect and builders on Thursday - the architect Amadeo will be our Project Manager and he’s really grasped our needs. We hope that work will begin next month. On Sunday 19 May 10 teams are taking part in a competition against the clock to see who can decorate a public litter bin in the most creative way. You’ll be able to watch us on Instagram @Bloominbarnetbins and vote for your winner on that Instagram page. Finally my thanks to the amazing CommUNITY Barnet for overhauling the website and it’s wonderful. Thank you.

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