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British Flower Week

Tomorrow, Monday 15 June, all non essential shops in England are allowed to re-open with restrictions - so we’ll be open most afternoons from 2 - 5. Tomorrow is also the start of British Flowers Week and my 2 Duke of Edinburgh volunteers will be dressing the shop window accordingly in the morning. These 2 Year 9 girls are desperate to return to some sort of normality and they see volunteering in the shop as part of that as well as providing them with a space to be creative. On Friday morning I was delighted to welcome Yan to The Flower Bank, he took part in our Chelsea Fringe Competition last year “Bloomin Barnet Bins” creating an amazing structure with the help of the community at Grahame Park estate. You can see him on Netflix at the moment with Henck in “The Big Flower Fight” think Bake Off for floral designers and he’s well on his way to becoming a national treasure. Have a great week. Ursula

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