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Christmas frenzy

Monday’s session at Grahame Park’s Independent Living Group was the official start to my Christmas frenzy and Lorraine’s look of euphoria in this photo sums up the mood in the room at the end of our session. This afternoon between 1 - 4 I’ll be at Lordship Rec on Broadwater Farm making wreaths with 20+ adults and children and on Tuesday night Age UK and next Saturday of course we’ll be making them all day at The Flower Bank. The weather’s officially dreadful but flower wise it’s all positive and Spring like, discounting of course the ubiquitous poinsettias, even the boot-full of flowers I collected from a PriceWaterhouseCoopers lunch at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in Lancaster Gate on Friday was all narcissus and tulips. The journey was more difficult than normal as it coincided with a tube strike and of course the Friday night rush hour traffic. The traffic didn’t really matter as that area makes me nostalgic for holidays circa 1980’s that I spent in London with my parents at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel opposite. According to Theo, from our local Theo’s Cafe, who also became nostalgic at the mention of The Royal Lancaster Hotel as that was where he began his cooking life as a sous sous chef part of the original Italian Job had been filmed inside. I’ve

made some wonderful new contacts this week from Russell the gardener whose foliage from the 7 acre gardens in Totteridge he looks after are a Godsend to Mary the contract florist who turned up on Thursday afternoon with lots of stunning Bromeliads. I’m very lucky to have such great support and I’m especially grateful this week to Chieko who waited for me on Friday night as I returned from my hideous drive to help me in with the crates and generally calm me down. Tonight is Chanukah and for those of you who celebrate Happy Chanukah. Have a great week. Ursula

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