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Circle of Life

We had several funeral flowers to prepare for this week which was sad, even more so during Covid, as only 30 people can attend the funeral. The funeral directors for one of the families drove past the family home, en route to the service, for the neighbours to pay their respects which I thought touching and unusual but apparently during Covid it’s become common place. I’ve always been fascinated by comparative religion in particular the rituals around mourning and this week I had a brief insight into Hinduism as from one of the families we received extra bunches of flowers. The reason for this I discovered was that in the Hindu religion any flowers given to the grieving family have to be disposed of prior to the funeral. There have been outbreaks of flower bombing all over Barnet this week, thank you Kim, Julie, Janine and Margarita, who at the tender age of 9 is my youngest ever flower bomber. She and her father stumbled upon us last weekend and returned midweek for flowers and a bundle of daffodils to hand out to their neighbours. Next week is normally the florists’ busiest time of year as it’s Valentine’s Day so we’ve teamed up with The Wilds Cafe in New Barnet to provide bunches of flowers for their Valentine’s Day brunches - it’s also Chinese New Year on Friday and I’ve got my fortnightly class with the Barnet Wellbeing Hub where in a basket we’re going to construct cows from Carnations, the “Ox in a Box” does looks fantastic on Pinterest ..... Have a great week. Ursula

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