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Competition Countdown is On!

Just to remind you that you’ve got until midnight today, Sunday May 17th to enter your miniature garden in the competition I’m running as part of this year’s Chelsea Fringe. All you have to do is send me a photograph of your completed garden and I’ll upload it to Instagram where you can then vote for your favourite from Monday 18th May (@miniature_garden2020). Added to the Scottish entry from last week I’ve had entries from Felixstowe, Epping Forest and Bristol. The most unexpected entry so far was from Kim Wilde, 80’s pop star, teen heartthrob and now gardener with a penchant for miniature gardens. Later on this morning I’m dropping flower arrangements to a friend’s house for her daughter’s bat mitzvah. Unable to hold their planned event they’re doing it on zoom. Tomorrow evening Netflix begins “The great flower fight” think Bake Off but with flowers. On Wednesday The Flower Bank will be operational as a garden centre with strict distancing in place. It’s kindness week from Monday and on Thursday I’ll be showing people online how to make jam jar posies as gifts for neighbours. Oh and from today we’re also re-starting our collection of flowers from supermarkets where feasible. Huge thanks to Julie Wiater this week who helped get the shop ship shape for Wednesday. Stay safe and if you’re entering our competition Happy gardening.

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